Image provided by: Ha Na Lee


Joanne Hastie

Joanne Hastie is an artist and mechanical engineer who uses robotics and A.I. to automate the process of fine art painting. She uses machine learning algorithms to explore the ideation and curation a visual artist often does without technology. Joanne also works with the application of paint using a robotic arm. Joanneā€™s robots and tech-art have been exhibited in Zurich, London, Vancouver and Los Angeles.


Ani Liu

Ani Liu is an internationally exhibiting research-based artist working at the intersection of art & science. Her work examines the reciprocal relationships between science, technology and their influence on human subjectivity, culture, and identity. She is passionate about integrating multidisciplinary approaches to art making, and is currently teaching at Princeton University. Ani continually seeks to discover the unexpected, through playful experimentation, intuition, and speculative storytelling. Her studio is based in New York City.